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Online Doctor Xanax Prescription - Order Alprazolam Online Uk

The Indian Electric Co. was started as a partnership firm in the year 1960 with the objective of helping farmers and small engineering workshops in and around Pune These early activities led to major business advances when IEC's painstaking efforts and commitment to the customer impressed Kirloskar Electric so much that IEC was appointed as their Service Dealer. Soon came the prestigious Authorised Dealership of Kirloskar Electric.

We were consistently amongst the top five dealers of Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd products for many years. Our association with Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd dates back to 1979.

Considering our marketing prowess and support infrastructure for providing efficient after sale service, Siemens India Ltd appointed us as their authorized dealer for Electric Motors from August 1999. We have been consistently among the top five dealers on All India basis for Siemens Ltd.there after.

The customer list of The Indian Electric Co. is a truly representative microcosm of the Indian Corporate and Government Sectors.

The Indian Electric Co. attaches great importance to providing timely service to its customers. The Indian Electric Co. has well experienced and qualified engineers and technical personnel for helping the clients in selecting the proper motor.

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Quality Policy

We Commit

Ex-stock Availability
Prompt, on-time Delivery
Efficient Service 24x7/365
Genuine Spares

The Team and Infra Structure

Our techno-commercial qualified team of engineers with specialized training in motors, the team is supported by a strong, knowledgeable back office.

Our sales team is in constant interaction with our customers and periodically reviews and monitor new projects provide support and solutions right from design stage till completion of projects.

We are equipped with state of the art office and warehouse with all modern-day infrastructures. To support our growing business dimensions, we have well structured advanced ERP system in place.

Awards and Achievements

  • Year
  • 2000-01
    All India No. 1 Dealer award in Motor Sale from Siemens
  • 2000-01
    Best Performance in Pune Region for Motor Sales from Siemens
  • 2003-04
    Best Performance in Pune Region for Motor Sales from Siemens
  • 2005-06
    Best Performance in Pune Region for Motor Sales from Siemens.
  • 2006
    Growth Award from ABB
  • 2006
    Recognition of Long Standing Partnership and outstanding
    contribution to the Success of ABB India
  • 2009-10
    All India No. 1 Dealer award in Motor Sale from Siemens
  • 2010-11
    Best Performance in Pune Region for Sales from Siemens.
  • Year
    Reward & Rating
  • 2000
    Man of Millennium form Economic Times
  • 2011
    Life Time Achievement from Poona Electric and Electronics Association
  • 2012
    Certificate of D&B DVN
  • 2012
    ICCRA Financial Rating

Our Vision

The Indian Electric Co. envisages sustained growth in field of our business interest by being customer focused, accepting and overcoming the challenges of market dynamics to be a leader.