Bharat Bijlee

The Indian Electric Co. is the authorised Bharat Bijlee motor dealer.

Bharat Bijlee’s complete range of motors offers high quality, energy efficiency, and reliability across the entire spectrum of industries and customer requirements.

As authorised Bharat Bijlee Motor Dealer, we ensure timely availability of motors, motor parts, customisation needs, for all types of Bharat Bijlee Motors.

Deep industry-specific expertise enables motors to be custom-engineered for demanding and specialized applications.Modern manufacturing systems and Supply-Chain innovations combine to provide short deliveries and outstanding on-time performance.

Authorised Bharat Bijlee Motor Dealer in:
  • TEFC Motors from 0.12kW to 450 frame, 1200kW
  • Flameproof Motors up to 315 frame, 200kW
  • Increased safety and non-sparking motors up to 355 frame, 315kW
  • Slipring Motors
  • Brake Motors
  • Crane and Hoist-Duty motors

Standard motor Crane duty slipring Crane duty Squirrel Cage
DC motor SPDP motor

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