Quality Rewinding

Rewinding is a very technical procedure and requires thorough expertise.  We have the most skilled technicians who know exactly how to use a systematic process, rectify the fault and then rewind the motor in the most professional manner.

✔ For us, each customer is equally important and every motor that lands in our repair job is given the same amount of attention. In other words, we work extremely hard to produce the finest Electrical Motor Rewinding services.

State of the art Impregnation

✔ We have the best system for providing impregnation services. The varnish treatment is given by the most experienced personnel so that customers are satisfied in every way.

✔ Along with that, the best materials and methods are used for this process.

✔ IEC never compromises on the quality of any of its services.

Quality services for Coil Making

✔ Coil making is a process that requires utmost attention and care to be completed properly. We have the elite personnel to complete this process using the finest equipment.

✔ IEC uses top standard double enamel coated copper for providing the best coil making services to all our customers.

✔ For us, selling motors is not the eventual goal that we look at. The standard of services provided to the customers makes us better than various other companies.

✔ We work with professionalism and use products by the top brands. For us, working hard is the only way to excel and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Diagnosis of the root fault

✔ We have the most experienced team for problem identification and diagnosis. This is because as an experienced motor repair company, we truly understand the importance of correct problem recognition.

✔ A correct optimum solution can only be suggested if the problem has been identified properly.

✔ We do not recommend solutions according to our own desires. Instead, we focus on customer preferences and suitability.