• We use only dual coated enameled copper (wire/strip), dual coated enameled fiberglass covered copper strip and all other insulating winding material pertaining to the highest thermal class of insulation system from reputed manufacturers.
  • Coil Making is done on state-of-the-art machinery by following the technically recognized process.
  • Extraordinary skill is engaged in coil making.
  • Foolproof & timely tested procedure is being adopted in coil making


We specialize in Rewinding of electric motors and generators(AC-DC) of any make, ranging from low voltage to high voltage with virtually any power rating.

The damaged coils are removed and new coils are skillfully made using only new copper wire of the correct dimension and dielectric coating specification. They are then inserted into the core, insulated in high-temperature varnish, and tested to assure quality.

At IEC, we think beyond troubleshooting; we have the right tools and techniques, the best men and materials to offer a complete solution for your complex problem.
From small motors and alternators to exceptionally huge machines, we have the capability to cater to all kinds of repairs, efficiency and economically.

Windmill Generator Stators

We undertake fresh windings and rewinding of Windmill Generator Stators of any make and capacity.