We understand that downtime is unproductive. Which is why each motor/ alternator that is entrusted to us is put through rigorous Quality checks.

Every job undergoes inspection at every stage of the rewind/ repair process to ensure perfect end results. Supported by state-of-the-art testing equipment, we conduct a battery of tests including insulation Resistance Measurement, Core Flux Test, High Voltage Test, No Load Test, and Testing after assembly, among others.

We source only the best raw material from trusted, established vendors. As part of our QA Program, We do 100% inspection of every material received; material that does not measure up to our quality norms is outright rejected.

Our commitment is towards the trust of our customer. The best will be invested in repairs and the best will be delivered to the customer.


Situated on the outskirts of Pune, our fully equipped Service Shop(spread over 8500 Sq.Ft.)features a comprehensive list of in-house facilities including:

  • Overhead Cranes
    (10 Ton +5T x 2 + 2T x 3 Covering X-Y-Z Operations)
  • Coil Winding Machine
    (Manual & Motor Operated up to 50 & 100 Kg respectively)
  • Alternator Motor Winding Machine
    (5 Ton Motor Operated)
  • Vertical Hydraulic Press(100 Ton)
  • Electric Oven
    (300 degrees C x 1No. & 200-degree x 1 N0.)
  • Mica Undercutting Machine
  • Bearing Induction Heaters
  • Air Compressors


Slipring Rotor

Slipring Rotor Resi Glass Banding: Alsthom make, 126KW, 10 Pole Crane Duty TEFC Motor. Frame: 355

Stator Rewinding

Stator Rewinding: Leroy Somer – France Make, 1594KVA, 4 Pole Alternator. Frame: LSC 74L.

Main Field Rewinding

Field Winding: Crompton make, 145KW DC Motor, Frame:315L

Stator - Rewinding

Stator Rewinding: KEC Make, 450KW, 3300V, 4 Pole Motor


Stator Rewinding: Jyoti make, 750KW / 200KW, 1509RPM / 1008 RPM Induction Generator


Workshop Craftsmanship is very impressive. I was positively surprised what I saw here.

-Mr. Ralf Dietrich, Gen. Mgr., Worldwide Services of Baumuller Reparaturwerk, Deutschland.

Excellent facility, well-maintained, very good work seen on the floor, good housekeeping, workmanship is excellent, good people and very good atmosphere.

-Mr.Ashok Brij, CEO, Emerson Group, India

Very good systematic setup.

-N Dutta Roy, Finolex Cables Ltd., Goa.