Ordinary people with extraordinary capabilities: that is how we would like to describe our dedicated, efficient workforce.

When your motor lands up at our facility, you can rest assured it is in really good hands. In motor rewinding where precision work is paramount, our highly skilled technicians bring to the job years of painstakingly gained experience with great attention for detail an unparalleled motor rewinding/repairing experience.

All our technician are self-motivated individuals dedicated to quality; every job, big or small, receives the same care and attention, At IEC our philosophy is rather simple; do it right the first time.

  • Final pre-dispatch testing under stringent QC, inclusive of No-Load test at the rated speed of the machine.
  • Submission of factual informative test reports to clients
  • This ‘Legacy Data’ is important for analyzing the life and performance of machines in the future.


“Excellent Facilities; I am very impressed and I am sure you are to offer Mecc Alte good service now and in future”

-Mr. Andrew Bell, MD, MECC ALTE(UK) LTD.

“Excellent testing equipment, setup, excellent housekeeping, customer satisfaction, and prompt service when in need; depth of knowledge ”

-Wagh S.K. Kalyani Forge Ltd.