We believe in continuous hard work

  • For Indian Electric Company (IEC), there is nothing more important than 100% customer satisfaction and we make sure that all client expectations are fulfilled.
  • We do not adopt any shortcuts to get the job done quickly or earn higher profits.
  • For us, the trust that our customers have on us has played a key role in our progress so we make sure that they do not lose it.

The best motor brands

  • We have worked very hard to get where we stand today.
  • IEC has strongly emphasized delivering quality at all times and we sell motors from some of the most reputed brands including Kirloskar, Bharat Bijlee and Siemens.
  • We offer various motor types including standard motors, crane duty crippling motors and brake motors.

Reputed Partners on Board

  • From the time of its existence, making the customer happy has always been the top priority for IEC and this is the key reason why we have such a prestigious position in the current time.
  • We have partnerships with highly reputed brands including Kirloskar Electric, Bharat Bijlee and Siemens.
  • When it comes to installation of motors, none of our customers has the slightest of apprehensions about the standard of motors used. This is because all of them are purchased from our highly esteemed partners.

Skilled Personnel with related experience

  • Irrespective of the services or products a company is dealing in, it is only able to serve quality if has the best technicians and workers.
  • Installation of motors, coiling, rewinding and all other related procedures require immense experience and skills.
  • To deliver the best, we have the finest technicians and workers. Thus, even complicated repair work is not a problem for our personnel as they have a lifetime of related experience.
  • In addition to that, we use the best tools for providing all kinds of services.

Highest Quality of Service

  • A customer does not buy a product/service from a company even if its quality is not up to the mark once.
  • At IEC, there is no room for error when it comes to delivering quality services.
  • The company personnel work very hard to fulfil all customer requirements.
  • Whether is the brand of motors, installation services, repair jobs or any others service, IEC has always managed to deliver the goods for its customers.

Timely Delivery

  • IEC works with a proper schedule and we make sure that even if we have stringent timelines, the customer does not have to wait.
  • This approach has helped us in building the trust of customers. They know that when with IEC, the chances of delays do not exist.

Large-scaled corporate and government clients


IE is not a company operating on a small scale at present. From the time of our existence, we have always improved in terms of scalability. At the moment, some of the biggest companies belonging to the corporate and government sectors are a part of our clientele. We have been so successful because of the following key reasons.

  • Indian Electric strongly believes in serving quality. We do not reduce product standard to earn more as we share a very trustworthy relationship with all our clients.
  • A motor is a very important part of any machinery. Whether it is pumps, generators or any other machinery, we only have products from highly dependable reputed brands. Due to this approach, none of our customers has ever complained about low standard motors.